I Am the Cheese

Last Thursday began the battle of wills.  Who is going to throw out the cheese?  I will NOT give in.  I hate that cheese because it has been sitting in our refrigerator since labor day, and we haven't used it since.  Why, oh why must we always buy such an exorbitant amount of cheese when I'm the one who gets the pleasure of tossing it out?  Not this time.  I will not subject my gag reflexes to that experience.  

Sadly I started documenting Battle 2012 on day five.

And here is The Cheese on day six:

Yep...still there, and still moldy.

Game on.




When I was younger, I used to secretly envy mothers with babies.  I wanted to be the person those babies wanted more than anything.  I wanted to be the home base they always raced to.  I wanted to be the face that lit up their eyes from across the room.

It feels so good to finally be that mom.

I love handing my Roko off to helping hands only to look back and watch him follow my every move. I love how easily I can make him laugh.  I love having that magical mom super power to make everything better, and I love being his home base.

Love this baby.


"Do"cision 2012

Every woman reaches a point in her life when she has to make an important decision:
To cut or not to cut?
That is the question.
I scheduled a hair appointment for Wednesday, and haven't yet decided on my new do.  Do I stick with a trim?  Do I make a bold change?  Do I settle for something middle of the road?  I have two days to make my "do"cision, and I would appreciate some input.  

In order from Safe Sally to Daring Debbie, I present you my options:

Option A- Not too different from what I have going on now

Option B- Not too long; not too short

Option C- A drastic length change.  Am I ready to make this commitment?

And just for fun...Option Z- Be honest...can I pull this off?  Donning white hair before my golden years is my dream, but in reality will it be more like a nightmare?

I really want your thoughts.  Go!