And then my baby turned one

And I was all “wasn’tityesterdayIhadtositonablowupdonutbecauseIjustgavebirth?”  It’s happening.  My little baby is no longer a little baby.  I understand I haven’t been very present here on the ‘ole blog since Rokito’s birth, which contradicts the typical flourish a blog experiences once the new baby joins a family, but I guess you can say I march to the beat of my own drum.  I’m terrible at multi-tasking.  Juggling teaching, grad school, mother and wife hood has been a learning experience.  I took a little longer than expected to feel “normal again,” but I think becoming a mom forever altered my definition of normal.

My new normal is a 7:00 am alarm clock full of giggles and smiles.  My new normal is Cheerios at church.  My new normal is going to bed fully expecting a late-night rendezvous.  My new normal is planning errands around nap time, bubbly bath times, outlet covers, and family walks.  My new normal is mommy.Cheers to our new normal, and may we have the blessing of many more!

Happy Birthday Roko!