Last Night

Last night I caught a glimpse of our near future.

So I quickly snatched my phone and snapped a picture to send to Baldo who was somewhere in the Superstition mountains camping with some scouts.



1st Annual Besich Photographic Year in Review

Miss me, miss me, now you have to kiss me.

Well, I think it's safe to say that I totally dropped the blogging ball over the last 6 months. So terribly sorry. I'm making a resolution to improve, I promise.

The other day I had the idea to make a photographic year in review for 2011. I told Baldo, and, long story short, I woke up this morning to a finished product. Perks of marring someone who does this as part of his job:)

The only credit I can take is that of song selection. Everything else is the brain child of the man with the beard, or the guy with the hairy belly (if you were a lucky recipient of our Christmas card).

Without further ado I give you the 1st annual Besich photographic year in review: