Baby Beaux

We interrupt the regularly scheduled silence on this blog to introduce you to the newest member of the Besich family: Baby Beaux (also referred to as Baby X, Baby Box, and Baby Beau-X by people who think they are HILARIOUS).

She is presh, and Roko is crushing it as Big Bro.  No really, he literally crushes her any time I turn my back on the two of them.  It's not stressful at all.  

Below is a list of FAQs because I'm all about efficiency these days:

Q: How was labor and delivery?
A: On a scale of 1-WTF?! I'd say it was about an 8, then my epidural kicked in and it was smoooooth sailing.  #modernmedicinerules

Q: How is life with two kids?
A: Take a whiff when I walk by, and that should answer your question.  Shower?  Who needs 'em when I have a Costco-sized box of wipees at my disposal helping me relive my girls camp days.  I kid.  Charles Dickens said it best: "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times."  Life is all about adapting to change, so adapt we will!

Q: Is it fun having a daughter?
A: It's horrible!  Again, I kid.  While I've not noticed much difference between boy babies and girl babies, my empty wallet indicates it's more fun to dress a baby girl. 

 Beaux, most people call this a donut.  I call it emotional support.

Q: How does Roko like his sister?
A: His first words on their first meeting were, and I quote, "Eeeeeewwwww, Yucky!"  We're still learning to use that phrase in the proper context (like when offered mushrooms, asked to clean toilets, or passing girls wearing high-waisted shorts), but he currently uses it to express his excitement (at least that's what I tell myself).  Roko was made to be a brother, and if he could fold Baby Sister up and put her in his pocket to carry wherever he went, he would.  He is currently the only one who can make her laugh, which earns him the Favorite Big Brother title.

Q: When are you going to have another one?
A: Another shower?  Hopefully tomorrow (the answer is always tomorrow).  Another night of uninterrupted sleep?  Hopefully tomorrow (the answer is always hopefully).  Another diaper blowout?  Probably tomorrow.  Wait, you're talking about another baby? He.  Hehehe.  HeheheheHAHAHAHAHA.  BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA! 

We don't know, silly!