Is Your Home Safe?

Please meet our watch dog.He's mean, green, and ready for a fight.
He scares away all the bad guys...and sometimes the good ones too. I don't even want to go near him.

He's that good.


Viva Chamorro!

Liberation Day is a pretty big deal here in Guam. It's the one parade they hold all year, so of course I had to go! Baldo was covering the parade for work, so I partook in the festivities alone. What fun I had! I strategically set up camp next to the Cham's Authentic Thai Food tent, a brilliant move on my part (their pad thai is to die for). Then the parade started and this is what I saw:

It was a fun day.And now, Baldo's news story.


Chapter 2: Hey Speed Racer, Slow Your Roll

If there was a 12-step program for road rage, I would fall somewhere between admitting I had a problem and coming to believe there is a power greater than myself to restore my sanity. My road temper subsided during my stint as a missionary, but since moving to Guam, it is on the rise.

Before you judge me, hear my case. Transitioning from metropolitan life to island life has been enjoyable. But there is something missing from my life...
65 mph.

My roll has been slowed. Mostly in thanks to this guy,
this guy,
and on a blessed rare occasion, this guy.
Sigh...one day I will drive on a freeway with a speed limit equal to my father's age. With speed cameras. And photo radar vans. And sneaky cops! On second thought I'm good with rolling on the slower side.

Stay tuned for the next installment of Ga-ga for Guam


Chapter 1: Lizards are Loose in Your Laundry!

It really wasn't as bad as it was in my head.

On our first Guamanian morning I woke up to turn on the air conditioning. As I bent my sore back over to reach the button (our bed is hard as a rock), I saw some movement out the corner of my eye.
I jumped back and bent lower. Sure enough a gecko scurried across the floor and the screaming commenced. Certain that a I had happened upon a serial killer waiting for his prey, Baldo rushed into the room ready to fight, only to find his squirmy wife pointing to a measly gecko. Two shoes and a missing tail later, our apartment was gecko free...at least I hoped. How did he get in here? Were there more? Had he crawled all over my clothes in our open suitcases? It was too much to think about. For now I will feel comfortable knowing we got rid of the perp.


New Kids in Town

Drinking a gallon of milk: $6.49. Savoring a McDonald's double cheeseburger: $4.85. Filling up your 44oz at CircleK: $1.49. Surviving your first week in Guam: priceless.

I should write a book titled Moving to Guam for Dummies. In it you would find chapters such as "To Run, or Not to Run: The Red Light Rogue," "Streets Signs are for Wimps," "How to Cope When Your Boss Tells You to Stop Wearing Ties," "Hey Speed Racer, Slow Your Roll," and "Lizards are Loose in Your Laundry!"

Amazingly I kept myself busy while Baldo worked at the news station. Dina the banker and Tom the realtor, my new BFFs, gave me great tips about the island; where to eat, what to do, etc. I'm sure they'll make the "Acknowledgment" section of my book for all the help they gave me.

Our next big feat is finding a place to call home. Wish us luck...it's stressful.


Show Me What You're Working With

Day numero uno in Guam officially ended. The votes have been counted, and the facts have been checked: we live in paradise. Here is your proof.

Not bad, Guam. Not bad.


Here's Lookin' at You, Kid

It's late. Or should I say early? My eyes hurt. I'm hungry. I'm moving to Guam in about two and a half hours. Right now my thoughts are focused on our baggage making the weight cut-off. Fifty pounds? REALLY Continental? I wish Southwest flew to Guam.

I'm amazed at how simple-minded TV shows are at 3:00 in the morning.

Everyone is asleep... even Baldo.

I'm going to miss my mom.

And dad.

And some of these people:

*No babies were injured during the production of this photograph.

Arizona, you've been good to us.