H to the Kong

You have waited long enough. Since someone took 770 pictures of Hong Kong we have decided to bring you three installments. Including, but not limited to food, places and absolute craziness in the most densely populated place IN THE WORLD!

Since I'm fat we'll start with food.

I know I said we would talk about the food, but Lauren was more than happy to see new choices in her beverage selection. While hiking up to the big Buddha, cream soda was her weapon of choice. (She looks hot in that picture, don't you think?)

Anyways (funny story alert) ((don't tell her dad alert))... She was so excited to try new drinks she "accidentally" picked up a can of Jolly Shandy.

We've never heard of it, and it was next to Sprite. So Lauren being the adventurous world traveler picked the Jolly can of "soda." While we waited for our ferry to cross the harbor to Hong Kong Island...Lauren took a mighty swig of the Shandy delight. If I had a picture of her face right after the massive gulp... this blog post would be a million times better. I watched as she quickly started to read the can...something wasn't right. "Sodas are not made in breweries. Sodas and barley don't go together. WHAT DID I JUST DRINK!" Leave it to her horrible husband to laugh. Almost 27 years completed without ever tasting an alcoholic beverage...down the drain and into the trash (even before I could steal a swig). Needless to say the rest of the trip of full of drunk jokes! I made her walk straight lines, and touch her nose!

Here's a quick lesson I've learned the hard way. Guam = the worst place in the world for fresh bread. Me + "the worst place in the world for fresh bread" = a long grumpy year for Lauren.

I love my breads, and Hong Kong was full of bakeries popping out fresh bread at all times of the day.

One night on Hong Kong Island we went to "Times Square" at Causeway Bay. We wanted to find a hole in the wall where we could be the only tourist to eat. The picture above is what caught Lauren's eye. They're called Hot Pots. Looking in the small restaurant we noticed there was no open seats. We take that as a good sign. Then we see a lady pushing a couple sitting at a booth towards the wall. It's called table sharing. Talk about killing the mood for the young couple we sat next two. We laughed, and talked...the couple next to us finished their dinner in quiet. Sorry to those two...where ever you may be.

This is what we got at the little hole in the wall.

And this is our clay Hot Pot. From the street to our table...If you could just taste how good it is through this picture!

Below you will find Lauren's favorite food. Asia, Europe, a small island in the Pacific or Mainland USA...

Lauren loves her Dogs.

Her affinity for dogs started when her family bought a hot dog cart for the kids. Now no matter where we find ourselves Lauren finds her dog.

Hong Kong experts, Tina & Sam, told us to wait in line to eat with locals. Best advice. This is the smile of a guy who just ordered Ox-Tail Curry.

In that bowl of goodness you'll find a lot of tail. Lauren even tried some of it. If you are want to know if we liked it...we ate the leftovers for brunch the next day.

Action Shot. Lauren was walking around feeling the need for something from the streets. Food on a stick can never go wrong, right? I guess they can go wrong if you don't like octopus or fish balls. That's why Lauren went with the safe bet. (Told you she always picks the hot dog)

Dog wrapped up in bacon. Let me clarify. Hot dog wrapped in bacon. I don't know why all these pictures of food are with me in them...Lauren ate way more than I did this trip. (And drank more too!)

I did love that in Hong Kong you can find Fanta everywhere. Don't you want to Fanta?

A non-alcholic Grape Fanta is how I roll. This reminded us of our summer trip to Spain where Fanta was easier to find than bottled water.

Nerd eating bread. It took us a while to find a place to sit down. With so many people a public chair or bench is hard to find.

Could you wake up to that every morning? This is where you guess if I am talking about the love of my life or Lauren. (I just wrote that for affect.) I love my boo bear. I also love...you guessed it:

Pastries swallowed up by fresh fruit.

And to wrap up our food frenzy. To make all those with good taste jealous...

Jamon Serrano! Grocery stores were like my second home. We made these beauties a couple of times for lunch. You may not think cheese, bread and Jamon is anything special, but this put tears in my eyes.

Hong Kong also gave Lauren bad gas. But that is a blog post for another day.


Saying Goodbye to a Frenemy

One candy-apple-red scooter. Low miles and great for the pocketbook (100 miles per tank!). Purrs like a cheetah and runs like a kitten.

This crotch rocket packs 50cc's of premium gas power. The aerodynamic design allows for state-of-the-art cruising speed topping off near 30mph. (35mph if you are going downhill!)

A handful of Triple-A and Double-A batteries is all you need to keep this chick magnet starting for years!


Exhibit A (sick pictures of blood. You have been warned.)

This is from the first scooter crash. Bike vs. Dog = Lauren looses.

Exhibit B (sick pictures of blood. You have been warned.)

This was the scene of crash #2 (We are now calling it the "final crash.")

Bike vs. Rain = Lauren looses.

Her elbow was sooooo close to being scab free.

But it was quickly reopened spewing out a thick mixture of puss and blood. (Of course I had to snap a picture.)

So buyer beware! This island cruiser is not for the faint of heart (or Lauren.)

(Side note: Don't judge her shirt...it was one she was given for doing service with the youth at church.)