And I'm 30!

Weeks pregnant, that is.
 Come on, people, don't age me more than I already am.  Twenty-eight is just around the corner (shudder).

To celebrate this milestone (in my eyes, at least) let's take a look at the progression of Baby B.

Week 19
The ultrasound that confirmed Baby B was a BOY.   There might have been a celebratory Tim Tebow fist pump thrown by the baby daddy.  I just love this little guy's face.

And don't get me started on his little leg.  So cute!

Week 21
First official belly picture.  

Week 23
Merry Christmas!

Week 24
Welcome home, Colton!

Week 25
The "I-must-wear-a-belt-to-accentuate-the-belly-so-people-don't-think-I'm-just-gaining-weight" phase

Week 28
Three weeks sure makes a difference...

Week 30
Helping the boys work on the nursery by documenting my belly?  Yes.

Watching Baldo work on my craft project? Yes.

Enjoying the heavenly mix of Kool-aid and lemonade?  Double yes.

Excited for the imminent arrival of Baby B?