My Little Chimi

Rokito Taquito, our little chimichanga.

I've turned into one of those moms who kills time by looking at all the pictures she's taken of her baby since birth.  Today I listened to our first sound recording of his heartbeat and almost started crying.  Back then Roko was a stranger to me, but now he's my best buddy.  Him and I are- how do I put it- bosom buddies (literally). 

The last two months of life have totally ruled.  Not only because of my joyous unemployment, but because of the things I've learned about my little chimi.

1. Roko makes awesome faces.  I think he inherited that from me.

2.  Roko sneezes all the time just like daddy.

3. Want to snuggle?  Find Roko.


4. He conducts music in his sleep

5. He is the perfect beach bum

6. He's a wee bit shy around the girls. (Cedar, call me maybe?)

7. Roko loves making a good impression. ("Mom, you told me this place was fancy!")

8. He loves a good shoulder to munch on.

9. Picnics are a treasured rarity (wait til it cools down a little, buddy.)

10. He laughs at all your jokes.

11.  Roko is a blessing from heaven.