Photographic Memory

Dear Self,

Please remember this moment when you are smoldering in the hellish July heat of land-locked Arizona.


P.S. Nice form!


And Then My Helmet Saved My Life

This post is dedicated to this guy:

my helmet.

What do you get when you cross a huge black dog and a sassy girl on her candy-apple-red scooter?

A trip to the hospital.
The scooter is okay, the dog is okay (unfortunately), and I am okay, thanks to my helmet.
I told Baldo I was trying to fill my yearly trip-to-the-ER quota.
He didn't laugh at my joke.


"Should I Stay or Should I Go Now?"

El Senior came to Guam for a visit.

So did a tsunami.
And since my dad was en route to Taiwan via Tokyo, he was stranded on Guam for an extra day.

Our first day, Senior and I visited the Latte of Freedom, a misnomer that should be changed to the Latte of Two Dollars. Two dollars for a climb to the lookout? What you talkin' 'bout, Willis?

We planned a fantastic night out on the town, but tsunami warnings confined us to the jungle.

Don't those fries look delicious? Too bad they were gross. Quite possibly the worst fries I have ever eaten in my life. Bleh. Thinking about them makes me gag.

Our resident eye-witness reporter touched base with CNN periodically throughout the night. Did I say CNN? Oops, I meant Good Morning Arizona. One day...

Senior loved Fuji Ichi Ban, a local ramen joint with stuff-your-face dishes like these:

(photos courtesy of our awesome camera)

We went twice in two days. Don't judge.

Senior on beach.

Senior on hike.

Senior's daughter swinging on a rope.

Highlights of the trip:
Picking him up late (payback for Europe, dad)
Making up songs while waiting for our clothes at the laundromat
Crying together while watching my favorite new show, Coming Home
Sneaking him into school to show him my classroom on the day I called in sick

Love you, Dad!


What I'll Miss Most

What I'll miss most about Guam are scenes so beautiful they look ripped from the pages from a National Geographic.

One such article in NG would feature Spanish Steps, a short, steep hike down a cliff through a jungle ending at an ocean escape only imagined in dreams.

See? I'm gonna miss this.

We, along with Tina and Sam, joined Stan and Co. for a day at the Steps. Gosh, what a day.

Yep. I'm definitely going to miss this.


A little love to the Girls

If you have ever been away from family for an extended period of time you know what this post is all about. In no particular order since they all have our hearts...

meet Starla.
She sports the retro-Bieber hairstyle and attentively watches Glee with Pop-pop.

And Harper.
Not only has she perfected the upward facing dog (while posing), but she has read the entire Harry Potter series...twice.

And Anilyn.
You know what that looks says? "I know what you did last summer." As the newest addition to the Besich family Anilyn is watching her three older siblings. She's making a list, and checking it twice.

We try to Skype these girls as much as possible...we don't want them to forget their crazy aunt and TV star uncle love them with all our hearts.