I Am the Cheese

Last Thursday began the battle of wills.  Who is going to throw out the cheese?  I will NOT give in.  I hate that cheese because it has been sitting in our refrigerator since labor day, and we haven't used it since.  Why, oh why must we always buy such an exorbitant amount of cheese when I'm the one who gets the pleasure of tossing it out?  Not this time.  I will not subject my gag reflexes to that experience.  

Sadly I started documenting Battle 2012 on day five.

And here is The Cheese on day six:

Yep...still there, and still moldy.

Game on.



Anonymous said...

I will not give in. Mold on.

Lauren Ramirez said...

Haha you got this buddy!! Just tell Baldo there wouldn't be any left over if he bought que bueno to begin with!

Dad said...

May the cheese be with you.

RHulsey said...

Soooo, I am not opposed to tossing amazingly good Tupperware just so that I don't have to smell it. In fact, I have done this so much that I have gotten to the point that I save old food containers just so I don't get in trouble for throwing away perfectly good containers any more.

Bekka said...

Update: Is it still there?