When I was younger, I used to secretly envy mothers with babies.  I wanted to be the person those babies wanted more than anything.  I wanted to be the home base they always raced to.  I wanted to be the face that lit up their eyes from across the room.

It feels so good to finally be that mom.

I love handing my Roko off to helping hands only to look back and watch him follow my every move. I love how easily I can make him laugh.  I love having that magical mom super power to make everything better, and I love being his home base.

Love this baby.


Jackie said...

after that one hour conversation we had last week, i think I'm going to make you my home base too. is that ok?

Tara said...

He is SOOOO gorgeous!

Lauren Ramirez said...

You are soooo that mom! He loves you sooooo much!

RHulsey said...

I can't get over his face. He has the cutest face.

Bekka said...

I love you being a mom. It looks so good on you.